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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

who's who--a trailer for the future

i had a lot of fun writing my stupid little blog on silver age comic covers the other week.

a lot of fun.

its made me want to go on and on and on about the silliness that embodies the comics i love. dc comics pre crisis, post legends and most importantly pre INFINITE crisis. yeah, i said it. what.

on that note, sort of, i recently purchased a complete set of the 1985 DC Series, "Who's Who in the DC Universe."

So i assume that pretty soon, the silliness in there, will find its way into here, just cause i love that shit so much. and really, who doesn't.

so stay tuned for the origins of The Duke of Deception, Mark Moonrider, Space Cabby, and of course, Viking Commando.

he was a Viking. In World War II. He fought Nazis. With an Axe.

eep! i've said too much. i'll leave you with my favorite cover from the series.

Image hosted by
Not only does it feature Lex Luthor in his rad green and purple battle armor. Not only does it feature a Manhunter Robot that was just too darn lazy to pose (or get out of the water he's standing in).

BUT, poor J'ohn J'onzz, The Martian Manhunter was forced to share the center of the cover with some chick character who is covered at all times in flames. I dunno who it is. I thought it was Flamebird, but its not. And it can't be Firestar--wrong universe. Point is, she's on fire.

And he's terrified of fire. Its his one weakness. That's like making Superman stand next to a being made out of Kryptonite on the cover of the index. It'd never happen. No one wants to see Supe's punked out like that. Crying like that atheist dude from Wife Swap last week. Uh-uh. Once again, the Martian Manhunter gets chumped out.

He's gonna cry. Look. God, i love DC.


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