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Wednesday, January 25, 2006



Tired today. Last night I ended up playing a little game of Hero Clix with my buddies. We did all DC, two teams of two players, and my team was team evil.

My line up:

• Ultrahumanite (Wears a singlet)
• Mssr. Mallah and the Brain (wears pants and a jacket)
• Gorilla Grodd (is completely naked)
• Catman (a sweet custom my buddy Pat whipped up)
• Copperhead (no one could hit him! dodge!!!)

and the man with the plan, the hellion in the helmet, the number one underwater soul brother:

• Black Manta!

Suffice it to say, we won. We were up against the Outsiders and they didn't stand a chance. My partner had an OMAC on his squad that wrecked shop on the silly little heroes we were fighting. And, lets face it, I had THREE monkeys on my squad. We couldn't lose.

Nightwing spent almost the entire game trying to kill Black Manta, but he couldn't do it. He died at the feet of Manta. True, Manta didn't do the actual killing, but hell, if I were Dick Grayson, I'd really hate for Black Manta to be the last thing I see on earth. But as I'm me, and not Dick Grayson, I'd love it if Black Manta was there to comfort me in my final moments. Hell, maybe he'd even let me wear his hat.

Face it, he rules. You can step to Black Manta, you can get up in his huge grill, you even can talk shit about his silly outfit or his power spear thing. But know this:

You're going to die and Black Manta is going to be the one to kill you.

He'll kill you in the goddamn head.

My personal favorite moment from the evening's battles? Gorilla Grodd smashing Starfire in the face with the engine block of a car while Nightwing watched in horror, only to be then mind controlled by Ultrahumanite to throw a Batarang and Speedy--sorry, Arsenal--who took the shot right in the face. Ha ha ha. Die, stupid.

As always, while we play hero clix, we often check out new and upcomming comics. During the game I was able to read X-Statix Featuring Dead Girl #1, and let me tell you, that thing is a HOOT!

If you haven't picked it up yet, I suggest you do. It contains:

• Fantasic new Mike Allred art
• Mysterio
• Doctor Strange acting like a pompous ass
• Kraven's REAL last hunt
• Wong talking in a ridiculous accent
• Mockingbird...
• and much, much, more.

Imma either going to go back and buy it and keep up with the series or else I'll def. buy the trade.

I give it 5 out of 5 Gwen Stacy Ghosts!


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