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Monday, January 09, 2006

Some Funny Covers

Hey kids, here's some covers that got got me to chuckle today. And its not a small feat, as every laugh brings back pains from the hunk of metal rolling around my intestines.*

Hmmmm. That's not clunky at all. But why sell it? Think about it, you get your hands on a box that gives you all of Superboy's powers, you really gonna sell it? Why? I'd think having all those powers would beat any cash value someone could come up with... It's silly.

Not to mention, who would you sell it too? Couldn't they just give you what you asked for, put on their recently purchased "Box of Super-Power" and then take their money right back? Man, Silver Age crooks are retarded.

Yeah. Completely safe.

What a maroon. "That Assassin guy would have to walk on water to get us now!" And wouldn't you know it... that's EXACTLY what his super power is? Go figure.

Why would he "have to" walk on water to get you? Couldn't he fly or swim fast or own a speed boat or something? You'd think villains in the DC Universe would just, Ii dunno, expect the good guys to fly. Or hover. Or run on water or whatever.

If its me, and the hero after me is named "Assassin" I'm not turning my back on him. Airwave, maybe.

Hmmmm. I'd drop them off in Iraq for half that.

Just saying.

*read last post!


Anonymous ricKey said...

I commented on that Assasin book for a "What the?!?" in the back of the price guide a few months ago, so I got a chance to read it.

His codename?


Take that, mark-ass-busters!

12:54 PM


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