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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Riiiiiiight. Like I wasn't gonna report on this one.

Question: Is there anything the Swayze can't do?

He kicks ass. He breaks hearts. He dances. He drives big trucks. He jumps out of airplanes. He has amazing hair...

and now Patrick Swayze raps.

Now, granted, i don't know what a 53-year-old hollywood veteran is going to rap about. But if i was to guess, its going to be about how awesome he is. About how he can kick a whole in a polar bear's soul. About how he ride a horse fast enough to travel through time. About how if you fuck with him, he'll seal your fate.

Or it could just be about being "nice."

How should I know. This is Mylar, not "The Source."

But I still give "Dalton's Roadhouse Raps" 5 Mics.


Anonymous ricKey said...

Did you READ the shitty story you linked to?

It startes off about how Dalton wants to rap.
"...he is working on a track that will show that "rap rhythms are an emotional undercurrent for ballads."

Then instantly cuts to journalism about how he gets naked pictures of nasty bitches.
"Last month, Swayze revealed his female fans send him raunchy photos of their boobs and private parts."

That man is AWESOME.

But, I dunno about that video where his sister (?) teaches "dirty dancing" with him. It's kinda weird.

7:50 AM

Blogger jamawalk said...

Read it? I lived it.

Or not. No, I didn't read it. I was too amazed by the awesome possibilities of a Gangsta Swayze album.

Ha. Boobs.

He rocks.

9:30 AM


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