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Friday, February 24, 2006

Batman Vs. The Evil King of Memphis

I totally found this on someone else's blog. But being that its so good, possibly the greatest thing ever, you just can't blame me.

This, then is the greatest thing ever.


What it is: Batman (Adam West, really) appears on Championship Wrestling at the WHBQ studios in Memphis during the mid to late '70s (the show moved to WMC in 1977), where he is confronted by Jerry Lawler as SUPERKING!

(NOTE: the best way to watch one of these You Tube things is to hit play, then pause, let the whole thing load and then hit play again. Its smoother that way. At least for me anyway. and i know smooth.)

Batman has heard about Jerry Lawler's box.

And he has the nerve to make fun of Lawler's costume. What is he wearing? He's got his cowl and gloves on, but is that a Member's Only Jacket? What gives Bats?

Supe? Spidey-baby? Good lord, Adam West rules. He's like a nicer Bill Shatner.

Eat your veggies kids. Use your turn signals.


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