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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


You've all seen them. Those motivational posters that have a big dumb picture of like a whale's tale or a raindrop or a puzzle and then some sort of motivational mumbo jumbo written underneath.

Where I work they have them all over this one hallway. Its ridiculous. They even have the one that says Team: Together Everyone... something, something. I dunno I never actually read it. But its there.

So I got to thinking. What motivates me? What could get me going? What could keep me going? It most certainly isn't a dude climbing a mountain or wind surfing. So I "borrowed" some posters from the internet, put in my own art and my own copy. These are the first four:

Who's motivated now?

Man, if it wasn't for licensing and fees and, well, the law I could make a mint selling posters like this! I know it!


Blogger Heidi said...

Did it say TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More? Sounds like one I've seen. How come we never had them at Bauer? heh.

I linked to your blog from my blog if you don't mind... (:

10:47 AM


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