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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Science Monkey!

The handwriting? Really? That's your clue?

First of all Jonas Starr writes like a girl. And way too big. Look at that note in the foreground. Jeeze-Louise! If all his papers are like that, a simple experiment's notes could kill a large swath of the rainforest. The only person with a bigger diary is Superman. But that's just cause he's a dick. He doesn't even write it in English. So only he can read it. A gigantic record of his exploits that takes up a room, but its useless to everyone but him. Nice. That is a rad chair though, dude.

Back to the science monkey: His assistants are way to into handwriting analysis. I'd have thought that wouldn't be the first thing a group of scientists would do when presented with this issue. ITS A MONKEY WRITING ON A CHALKBOARD! Crap. If this was a Marvel comic they'd have already dissected it, had sex with the pieces, put it back together, outfitted it with a laser and sent it off to battle the Avengers. It would then get its ass handed to it by Tigra, feel bad about its ways, and be on the team within 5 issues.

Pay close attention to the caption box in the lower right corner, though, kids. That gorilla? He's gonna save the world. How?

With his love.


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