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Friday, March 31, 2006

Sixty Dollars to Make Hedy Holler

Woah, what a night. Here are the highlights:

* Found a new apartment

* Kicked-ass at the first practice of the season for my kickball team

* Brought the house down with a stirring rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds" at Karaoke. Stirring


* Found sixty dollars in a cab.

Yeah. Plus, no body I know got killed in South Central L.A. I can't believe it was a good day.

So, rather than spend time on anything insightful, here are some more Hedy and Patsy covers along with snarky, ill-informed commentary.

ZING! Why don't you have a new outfit, dear? What are you... POOR?BURN! These broads hate each other. But the more covers I peruse, the more I feel bad for Hedy. I don't know what she does in the stories, maybe she's a real bitch in her own right or something, a real villian. But taking the covers out of context it all just seems a little mean:No. Seriously. Leave. We all fucking hate you. We would've gotten you a plane ticket, but we thought this would be more uncomfortable, and busses don't leave town as often. And, don't forget. We hate you. A lot.

Because of your hideous face, of course. Now, lemme see them hands, Patsy needs oil you deformed freak.

Boss, I think these kids are tripping balls, want I should get the fire hose like last time?

Episode 10: Buzz suggests a three-way.

Man, Hedy even gets the shaft (not literally, i guess) in her own comic. She really should come back, Hedy. Imma start the campaign. It was fans that brought Patsy back in this form:And now Hellcat needs a villain. Well, not a villain, really. Not to me. I'm rooting for Hedy. She could join up with AIM or something. Become a bad-ass wise cracking spy with tons of gadgets, a rad car and a penchant for making fun of other heroes outfits. I know just who I'd partner her with too.

Tell me you wouldn't buy a comic called "Hedy and M.O.D.O.K."

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Man, that's one angry chick. Nothing makes her happy! All these mixed messages make me long for the object simplicity of Phantom Lady's ridiculous anatomy.

Which isn't to say that her anatomy "makes me long."


But seriously, I wonder what has made Patsy so damn angry?OH, SNAP! No she didn't! Kelly RIPP-AH!

Oh, yeah, she's angry because her friends are bitches. Patsy needs to smack the shit out of Hedy. For real. And then maybe wrestle her to the ground.

And then, and then.... shit, I dunno. I'd prolly have tossed the book in favor of an issue of Kamandi by then.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Superman: Wings of Stupid

It was at that moment that Hawkman remembered that Superman could fly. And then later he died.

And since when does Superman need a rifle?

Also, couldn't he give superman Hawkgirl's wings? I mean, its in aide of her right? Its about avenging her, right? If she's dead she don't need 'em.

Hell, if she's just napping Superman should take them things.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jack Bauer Blows Up Evil Real Good

Last night Jack Bauer taught me that there isn't anything that cannot be accomplished by blowing some shit up.

Case in point: Nerve Gas. Blow that shit up, dude. Blow it straight to hell.

It was some hour for Jack. He blew up a natural gas factory, beat down three security guards, talked very tersely to most of his bosses and violently interrogated two women--one of whom he later made out with.

Sure, he still has to catch RoboCop, save LA and (probably) make nice with his stupid daughter. But, well, he's Jack Bauer. Its as good as done.

Jack Bauer is an unstoppable force for awesome.

So, for nostalgia purposes, and since last night was so kick ass, I re-present to you the only motivational poster you will ever need:

Friday, March 24, 2006

Robots Is Jerks!

Hey, same to you buddy.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Penquins with Rockets

Ahhh, the Super Dictionary. Its like a regular dictionary, but "super". While a regular dictionary may define what an open door is, it takes a super dictionary to let you know how sinister that door could be.

Observe:Whoo boy. That's some plan, Oswald. Whaaaaaa-waaaa-waaaaaa.

I miss the old Penguin and his ridiculous plans. Think about it. Does Gotham city really need another mobster/importer type dude? And if so, does that chracter need to be theme-based like Pengy? I say bring back the ridiculous bird crimes, the silly capers, and above all the stupid umbrella traps. Whaaaaaa-waaaa-waaaaaa.

Speaking of being trapped:...and everyone was safe. Except for Robin, who was burned alive.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monkey News 3.20.6: It wasn't me.

Seriously. It wasn't me. I have an alibi for the entire weekend.

And besides. I don't even know where Bratton Flemming, Barnstaple is.

Dumbest Problem Ever

Superman Vol. 2 is kicking my ass.

Along with Action, Adventures of and Man of Steel. See, I'm finally putting my comic books in order. Well, a sort of order, anyway. It was all going fine until I got to the Superman boxes.

Take Superman. Volume 2, if it can be called that, starts out at a new number one with John Byrne relaunch. It continues this way for quite a while, before recently returning to the high-digit numbers (One Year Later clocks in at about 650). Added to which, in the middle, I have all those Superman titles that used the S-Shield numbering system to follow the stories that bounced from book to book for about a decade.

So I guess the question is, how should I put that stuff in order? The S-Shield books flow from book to book, but the comics that come before and after separate themselves by title. Then there's the question of "what gives" when the numbering jumps down to #1 and then back up again.

Really, I guess this is a non-problem. Its kind of silly. But its my silly little non-problem, so I'm gonna grouse about it and you're gonna listen.

Any advice?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Win a Date with Liefeld!

I make no secret here at Mylar of the fact that I don't care for Rob Liefeld. I make fun of him whenever possible. To paraphrase The Big Lebowski: I don't like his jerkoff name, I don't like his jerkoff face, and I don't like him. Jerkoff.

Which is not to say that making fun of Liefeld is all that difficult. Its not. I know its not. But I do it anyway. Rob's the barrel, the internet is the fish--fish in a barrel. Or something.

Sure, I can go on and on about how terrible Liefeld can be to fans. I can talk about his creative talents and the "properties" he invented at "Awesome!" studios. I could talk about how he was mean to yours truly (Second only in douchebaggery to Billy "The Douche" Tucci). Or, I could take the simplest approach and put up some of his art and we could all goof on the lack of knees and stare at the anatomy until we all go mental.

But I'm not gonna do that today... well, okay, maybe just a quick one. Check this: There are literally NO knees visible in this group shot. Plus, it looks as if Nick Fury's chest is as big as Cap's entire body. That's some heavy bench press regimen he must have. Oh, and someone teach Liefeld how to smoke. Or at least do it in front of him. No one bites down on a cigarette and smokes through their teeth. That's ridiculous.

Ahhhh. Okay, that's out of the way, on to the business at hand. On to this:Who wants to party to the EXTREME?!? I know I sure do. Wait, it involves hanging with Liefeld and a giant Thing--er, I mean, Badrock statue? Huh. That's extreme? Golly. I spotted this up at Scans Daily and just had to goof on it. I mean, its Liefeld, and goofing on him is what I do.

Wow. What a crazy extreme guy he is. He has a statue that he jumps on top of! What a wild card! He wears jeans to work! He is rad!

"Say What?"

You heard me.

Seems this is from an old Wizard Magazine contest where, to celebrate Rob's "momentous" return to comics one lucky kid and his friend get to go to California and hang out with Liefeld himself. This led me to ask three questions:

1. When did Liefeld leave comics?

2. Why did he come back?

3. How can we make him leave again?

Anyone? Suggestions? I'm sure the winner of the contest, at least, would've had to ask something along those lines. I mean, any reasonably bright adult would surely have some tough questions for Rob, not the least of which being, "What does a knee look like?"

Problem is, adults weren't permitted to enter. Just kids. Check out the fine print:

So they want two minors to fly to LA, where they will get to meet Rob, get some food, and do things like going to Disneyland. Oh, you're not actually going to Disneyland. You're going to don one of those creepy masks pictured on the rules page, finish the pencils on Youngblood #2 and then dust Liefeld's life-size Badrock statue while he commiserates with Satan as thanks for the deal he made that gave him a career. That's kind of like going to Disneyland.

From a certain perspective.


It's too dangerous...You go.

For someone who you call "pal", i'm not sure sending them to a huge chemical fire in a flying deathtrap is such a wise idea.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Big Yellow Monster

Green Lantern is unable to stop them from smooching, 'cause one of them is yellow.

The wizard, on the other hand, loves monster-on-monster action. He loves it so much so that he's willing to create his own monsters just to see it.

What a perv.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Elongate Man is Dumb

Man. Elongated Man really sucks.

He always has, even back before DC decided to make an example of him and destroy his life along with most of the other JLI-era Justice Leaguers.

Back in the day, this blatant Plastic Man rip off, couldn't even get it together enough to have his own villains. Check it out, this is the image that DC is sending out as a solicit for the Elongated Man Showcase Edition:

Feh. He has to fall into a Flash trap. Why? Cause he sucks and no villain worth their salt would've bothered coming up with a trap for this lame-o.

Ralph drinks soda and gets stretchy powers. I drink soda all the time. I get hyper and I burp. Nothing super about that. He is supposedly a great detective, though. Don't forget that. Sure he didn't see his wife's murder coming... but still.


Oh, and I realize I promised a whole week of St. Patricks day blogs focusing on different Irish comic characters. But, as we Irish have learned long ago, life IS disappointment.

Sometime this week, though, imma check out one of my all time favorite films. It features two of what I would consider the coolest Irish characters ever created.

And no, I don't mean Back To the Future Part III.

No, imma watch "Miller's Crossing."

Leo: "The old man is still an artist with a Thompson."

Tom: "I never knew no one that made being a son of a bitch such a point of pride."

If you haven't seen it, netfilx that badboy and enjoy. I see something new that is totally bad-ass everytime I watch it (which is a few times a year). I'll be back after the weekend with what I noticed about it this year.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Profiles In Irish-ness: Shamrock

Hey, kids! Its St. Patricks Day week! So you know what that means for me! A four day week, a wild friday, and a weekend-long recovery session.

It also means, a week-long look at ridiculous Irish superheroes. Cause lets face it. They all are.

Like take this lass, Shamrock AKA Molly Fitzgerald (yeah, and that's not even the most Irish name we're gonna see this week).

While Molly was young, her dad once let out a cry asking for the heavens to give his enemies bad luck. Nothing was thought of it (and why would it? an Irishman cursing should hardly be cause for alarm, ya bastards) until Molly discovered she had luck powers while in college.

Wow. That was easy. It'd be wild if it turned out all my curses worked. Just, you know, on other people. I would imagine the last time I stubbed my toe could've given rise to the Avengers under the Marvel Universe rules of power.

So Molly, not being enough of a stereotype, took up the name of Shamrock and set off to put her luck powers to good use. After stopping a bombing, she was summoned for the Contest of Champions, and paired with Captain Britain. Waaa-waaaa. The two disagreed with each other due to volatile history of that region.

Also pairing off in that series were Iraqi Joe and Iranian Mike. It didn't go well either.

After the Contest, Molly continued to adventure--a job only a comic character can have. Her father showed up again, pissed the powers weren't his after he'd done all the hard work, what with his swearing and what not. He attempted to use her powers for his own purposes, even taking her to Arnim Zola. However, Molly was able to escape and her father was killed by an instance of bad luck. Waaa-waaaaaaa. Didn't see that coming.

A serious foot injury (!) seemed to least temporarily put a halt to Molly's superheroing days. She began working as a hairdresser, and ran into Captain Britain again and that Meggan chick. She agreed to do Meggan's hair for her wedding. Presumably it was a very lucky haircut. Whatever that means. Perhaps it was shaped like a horseshoe.

During the Void's brief return, someone in the guise of Shamrock was killed. Waaa-waaaa.

RIP-Shamrock, another dumb hero, another lost hairdresser. Shots of Jameson all around.

Robots Is Jerks!

Say what you want about Cyborg Superman. Frankly, I find him hilarious.

Witness:Ha! Brilliant. "Made you look, foolish humans! And now you're dead! Eat it!"

The monster at the end of the book was you all along, Grover. It was you all along.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Attention Suckers!

Like big guns?
Enjoy comics with no plot?
Like to see ridiculously big-breasted broads fighting each other with swords?
Love your heroes to have squinty eyes, hairy eyebrows and (possibly) no feet or knees?!?

Then you NEED to join the Rob Liefeld Fan Club.With your membership fee you'll get:

• A terrible poster!
• News on which Marvel characters Rob won't be able to draw in upcoming projects!
• A lack of respect!
• Exclusive offers, convention schedules, and the knowledge of knowing you helped by Rob a Porche!

You know, this wouldn't be a half bad deal if we could be assured the money was going to something good.

Like, say, art classes for Liefeld.

What they shoulda done is had each "fan" send in a picture of their feet in addition to the entry fee. That way Rob could see what they look like and, god willing, someday learn how to draw one.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Year of Superman Homepage

Heads up, its the year of Superman and there's a website to prove it.

To me, every year is the year of Superman. When I tell people that, however, they normally look at me like I'm crazy. Or they avert their eyes. Or, if they happen to be Chinese, the correct me and tell me its the year of the Rat or Dog or whatever.

Now, while I can get behind how cool a concept "Year of the Monkey" is, it falls behind "Year of Superman" on my list (and right before "Talk Like a Pirate Day"). See, Superman has a trained monkey that flies. Superman fights giant talking monkeys that wear nothing but a bandoleer. Superman once WAS a monkey. But I digress.

All those assy people that don't like me telling them this year is the Year of Superman, are gonna have to get used to it now, cause this year actually IS officially The Year Of Superman..

For real. Seems with the new movie and all, the minds over at DC are pushing that stuff hard. If you head over to the new website, you can see what their plans are for the coming year.

The coolest part, for me anyway, was what they're calling the "Superman Franchise Trailer." In it, you get to see a pretty rad montage of (almost) all the Superman projects that are on DVD, set to the John Williams score. Its pretty cool. I got chills at the Luthor part, for some reason.

Oh, wait, I know the reason: I'm a HUGE NERD. But enough about me. Check out the site, will you?

The Year Of Superman Homepage

And, since you've been good, here's another shot of Monkey Superman:

Infinite Monkeys, One Karl

I touched on the sort of brilliance that Karl Pilkington represents before, but in case you missed it, check out this clip.

Here Karl has a go at the nature of infinity, the shift patterns of playwrites, and the severe lack of monkey publishing.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Captain Marvel Beats, Marries Hitler

Ha! Take that, Ratzi! It wasn't your beautiful bride at all! Its me! Captain Marvel! The only thing you're gonna kiss is my white-hot fist of justice!

Notice that Captain Marvel doesn't stop the ceremony before the couple is pronounced man and wife. So, technically, Billy Batson is really Billy Hitler. Or Billy Batson-Hitler, if you prefer.

Memo to DC: You have to schedule old Captain Marvel comics to come out in Showcase Editions.

Your Primitive Brain Wouldn't Understand:
It's Science

A quick science lesson from Thunderbolt:Oh... well that makes sense.

Any questions?

Adorable Express

So the Space Elevator (see last post) isn't exactly firing up the imaginations of the people in my circle. I even tried to get the gang on board last night during hero clicks. I drew two separate and distinct diagrams on the dry erase board, and still nothing.

Its with that in mind that I show you this other new advance in travel. While humans work furiously to elevate themselves into the stratosphere, the canine community has finally unveiled this:Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Puppy Moter Monorail.

Now, where these puppies are going, and why they need a monorail to get there is beyond me. But goodness... they're gonna look adorable getting there.

And yes, I realize that "Moter" is spelled incorrectly. But, hey, they're puppies for chrissakes! And, really, are you gonna say no to those faces?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Love Science: The Space Elevator

Star Trek didn't cover this. Star Wars was way off. And, if you think you're gonna get something this rad from Farscape, then you're a bigger nerd then I already thought you were for watching that puppet show in the first place. Nerd.

Check this out. I've been reading all morning about a hypothetical device called The Space Elevator. I'm not saying that all that reading has me fully understanding the idea, but here's what I surmise: You tie a rock to a huge rope and you tie that rope to the earth. Ship that puppy out a bunch of miles so its past earth's orbit and let is follow us on our orbital path. The centrifugal force creates a taught cable. With a taught cable, you have the makings of an elevator.

Simple. It seams simpler than what they make the meatheads on the Road Rules Real World Challenge do (seriously, did you see Landon try to climb a rope made of pantyhose last night? WTF?).

Georgia Flight over at CNN describes with a bit more science than I do. Georgia?

Earth is constantly spinning. So if you attach a counterweight to it with a cable, and put it far enough away--62,000 miles--the cable will be held taut by the force of the planet's rotation, just as if you spun around while holding a ball on a string. And if you'’ve got a taut cable, you've got the makings of an elevator.

As strange as that sounds, —push the "“Up" button, climb in, and soar off into weightless bliss—don’t be surprised if it happens. The space elevator is where the PC was in the 1960s: The theory is solid, the materials exist, and people in garages are starting to tinker with the next step. Two Seattle startups are competing to build the elevator. Both believe they can do it within 15 years at a cost of $10 billion. NASA and China's space agency are eager to help make it happen.

And no wonder: A working elevator would reduce the cost of launching anything into space by roughly 98 percent.

Sounds pretty rad. 98% off? So, It now costs about 10 million for a regular joe to go into space. With savings like that it'd only be around $200,000!!! Yeah, hear that aliens? There goes the neighborhood.

So the science is sound, if we can figure out how to make it work. I'd imagine its pretty tough. You gotta make a really long rope, for a start. Then you have to put the weight up there. And linking them up is gonna be a pain in the ass. And what about weather? What about the structure? What if this thing gets tangled in existing satelites? What if it sends us spinning into the sun?

Its crazy and dangerous. That's why the US, Japan and China are all working on it. Cause we're all crazy and dangerous too.

I just hope we get there before Japan. I couldn't take it if Hello Kitty was on everything in space. I mean, it's space, thats our deal. Giant robots? Japan. Ruining outer space? Us. Its not rocket science. Literally.

The 62,000-Mile Elevator Ride

What the nerds at Wikipedia say.


green lantern needs a sidekick. kid lantern? lantern lad? flashlight?

ummmm. greenie?

or, hell, why not Yellow Lantern? grab Sinestro's old ring and slap it on the mitt of some fresh-faced, wide eyed barrio kid or an "extreme" skateboarder or some nonsense like that. give hal something to worry about and someone to save his bacon when he inevitably gets knocked out cold.

i'd read it. its no more ridiculous than Pie Face was.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Capricorn: One, Cinema History: Zero.

We now join the cast of Caprcorn One already in progress.

"People may say I'm crazy to send a double murderer into space with nothing but Mr. Barbara Streisand and that guy from Law & Order to keep him in check. And they'd be right. That's why I'm not sending you to space. I'm sending you to Pasedena. And I'm gonna give you fly jump suits to chill in. They are awesome. Tons of pockets. You'll love them. And then, when you escape (cause, lets face it, our security is shit, and you're OJ Fucking Simpson and two guys with seriously rad hair) I'm gonna hunt you down with helicopters that fly dangerously close to each other. If I'm lucky Max Devlin won't figure it out and shut me down. Yeah, this plan could work! It has to work and it WILL work. It'll work or my name isn't Hamilton "Ham" Johnson from Fletch Lives!"

this blog is dedicated to Erin who had the privlege of sitting through this silliness with me, and the misfortune of getting this post sent to her first

How is this fair?

Just how Bosom are these Buddies, anyway?

Tom hanks goes to the Oscars, Peter Scolari signs autographs at the NYC comic convention.
He appears to be seated somewhere between the girl from Saturday Night Fever and the men's room sweaty fanboys use to change in and out of their homemade storm trooper outfits.

How sad. I guess not everyone can turn dressing like a woman into super stardom.

Hear that Felicity Huffman? What's that? You say you actually are a woman, and that you actually are a star?

Oh, well, nevermind then.

photo taken from

Friday, March 03, 2006


Holy crap. You have got to see the English trailer for "Negadon: The Monster From Mars."

Now, the future of humanity rests with one man and his robot.

They just don't MAKE better tag lines than that.

From what i can figure, this Negadon thing (which is from Mars, and is also a monster) arrives on earth and starts wrecking shop in Japan. Now, i dunno why these terrible beasties ALWAYS hit Japan first, but lucky for us they do, cause this scientist guy just happens to be working on a huge robot fighting machine.

Then the two fight, I assume, for the remainder of the film.

God, this trailer is better than all of the Tom Cruise film "War of the Worlds." Caught a cold, my ass. They shoulda had to fight giant robots. Then we'd see some shit!Giant robot battles. Listen up Hollywood. Ain't a movie out there couldn't have been made better with the addition of a giant robot battle.


The Man, The Machine, Streethawk.

There just aren't enough shows on TV nowadays about super vehicles and the people who drive them.

Back in the day there were tons of them. There was Airwolf, Blue Thunder, Knight Rider, and one of my favorites, STREETHAWK:

It was about this dude, Jesse Mach, who messed up his leg on a dirtbike, so he couldn't be a motorcycle cop anymore. Awwwww. But wait! the government fixed his leg and put him to work, undercover, driving an all terrain urban attack cycle codename: STREETHAWK!

So he would be a desk cop all day long and fake a limp, and then at night he'd hop on his superbike and fight crime and shoot missles at vans full of dickheads and shit like that. It was awesome. AWESOME!!!

The man, the machine... STREETHAWK!

if you're interested in more, there's an even longer clip here:


Fin Fang Fantastic

If you're not reading NextWave from Warren Ellis, you are only cheating yourself.

I was hesitant to pick up the book myself. Had to be talked into it by the crazy dude with the George Clinton dreads at my comic book store.

I can't thank him enough.

Without getting too deep into plotlines, the first arc has the team of misfit heroes going up against a UWMD (Unusual Weapon of Mass Destruction), namely Fin Fang Foom. He of the early days of Marvel. He of the scary monster mags. He of the purple pants.

In issue two, he threatens to do something so dastardly to Boom Boom that-- no, you know what? I'm not gonna spoil it. Go read it.

I can say, however, that Ellis is turning me into a huge fan of Machine Man (Aaron Stack). I used to think he was a pretty lame character. What did he even do? His arms grew real long, I think. And his legs. He was purple, and had goggles? I dunno. He didn't look like he was all that interesting. Just another cool Kirby Design with little going on, story wise.

And then he showed up in that Alex Ross trainwreck Universe X shit. Then I really didn't give a shit about him. He was all morose and moody sitting on the moon being lame. Feh.

So yeah, I wrote of Machine Man. I couldn't care less about what happened to him as a character.

But that's only because he didn't used to say things like this:whoo-boy! That's saucy.

Which is not to say that he can't back that smack up. He actually IS filled with useful devices.Yeah. He's prolly real handy around the house too.

And did I mention that he is fueled by beer? Cause he is. Just like me!

So, yeah. Hats off to Ellis and Immonen for producing the surprise fun ride of the winter. And congrats on taking someone like Machine Man and making a jaded Marvel Hater like myself think he's cool.

Crap! Go read this book people! I give nextwave, two Fin Fang Foom fingers up! Rock.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Venom Understands Me

Seems everybody and their mammy is talking about Venom these days.

Prolly has something to do with that black and white shot from Spidey 3. The one with someone in a black spiderman costume squatting on a building.

Even I have been thinking "Venom" this week--Granted, I have a terrible cold, so I've been more scatterbrained than usual, and its just as logical that my mind would land on Venom as it would on, say, Shields and Darnell.

Look it up.

I even found myself on Wikipedia looking into the many incarnations of Venom and explanations of his power. There's even a frank discussion on the controversy surrounding his origin (I stopped reading when i hit those two magic words: John Byrne).

Among the other Venom crap I found around the net, though, this next pic was my favorite. It really sums up the character for me, and puts him in a context I can understand:Venom is a guy that'll say "Hoo-ha!"

I don't think its Brock, i think its they symbiote. It says things like "Hoo-Ha!" and "Kablamo!" and "Whiz-bang!" and to me, that's just awesome.

I say things like that all the time. And I am not an alien symbiotic costume. So, its kind of like we have something in common. Venom just gets me, man.

It gets me.

I'm sooo taking him next time we play HeroClix. Believe it. Last time, my team of Jonah Hex, Sgt Rock, The Question, Metamorpho and Lobo wrecked shop over everyone we faced. For real. But no one on my team said cool things like "Hoo-Ha."

HOO-HA, bitches!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

According to CBR, Supergirl #5 has been sent back to press for a new printing.

Unfortunately, said new printing will still feature the same story, plot, dialogue, and art. This time, however, the cover will be all Mike Turner and no Ian Churchill. Which, to fans of looking at things drawn on paper, means: the quantity of the shit hasn't changed, the only difference now is that it will have all been shat from the same ass.

Never fear, though, all of the vomitus dreck you've come to expect from Chruchill is being lovingly reproduced within the interior pages. Children everywhere can rejoice! No one will be shut out from experiencing the full power of a 10 muscled abdomen, or the beauty of a 4 foot long ankle.

With a cover price of $3.99, its a huge value, as far as cretinous garbage goes. Unless of course you buy it at ToyWiz where this issue will list at 20 dollars, fifty cents, a bag of magic beans, and all of the fingernails on your right hand.

But hell, for Churchill art? Totally worth it.