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Monday, March 06, 2006

Capricorn: One, Cinema History: Zero.

We now join the cast of Caprcorn One already in progress.

"People may say I'm crazy to send a double murderer into space with nothing but Mr. Barbara Streisand and that guy from Law & Order to keep him in check. And they'd be right. That's why I'm not sending you to space. I'm sending you to Pasedena. And I'm gonna give you fly jump suits to chill in. They are awesome. Tons of pockets. You'll love them. And then, when you escape (cause, lets face it, our security is shit, and you're OJ Fucking Simpson and two guys with seriously rad hair) I'm gonna hunt you down with helicopters that fly dangerously close to each other. If I'm lucky Max Devlin won't figure it out and shut me down. Yeah, this plan could work! It has to work and it WILL work. It'll work or my name isn't Hamilton "Ham" Johnson from Fletch Lives!"

this blog is dedicated to Erin who had the privlege of sitting through this silliness with me, and the misfortune of getting this post sent to her first


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