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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Captain Marvel Beats, Marries Hitler

Ha! Take that, Ratzi! It wasn't your beautiful bride at all! Its me! Captain Marvel! The only thing you're gonna kiss is my white-hot fist of justice!

Notice that Captain Marvel doesn't stop the ceremony before the couple is pronounced man and wife. So, technically, Billy Batson is really Billy Hitler. Or Billy Batson-Hitler, if you prefer.

Memo to DC: You have to schedule old Captain Marvel comics to come out in Showcase Editions.


Blogger Ragnell said...

No, DC needs to keep thatissue locked up. That page could kill the Marriage is Love movement if it got out.

11:22 PM

Blogger Ragnell said...

(I must apologize for the previous comment)

11:22 PM


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