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Monday, March 20, 2006

Dumbest Problem Ever

Superman Vol. 2 is kicking my ass.

Along with Action, Adventures of and Man of Steel. See, I'm finally putting my comic books in order. Well, a sort of order, anyway. It was all going fine until I got to the Superman boxes.

Take Superman. Volume 2, if it can be called that, starts out at a new number one with John Byrne relaunch. It continues this way for quite a while, before recently returning to the high-digit numbers (One Year Later clocks in at about 650). Added to which, in the middle, I have all those Superman titles that used the S-Shield numbering system to follow the stories that bounced from book to book for about a decade.

So I guess the question is, how should I put that stuff in order? The S-Shield books flow from book to book, but the comics that come before and after separate themselves by title. Then there's the question of "what gives" when the numbering jumps down to #1 and then back up again.

Really, I guess this is a non-problem. Its kind of silly. But its my silly little non-problem, so I'm gonna grouse about it and you're gonna listen.

Any advice?


Blogger Jim said...

Hey! I know this might be a bigger pain in the ass than you're already dealing with, but what if you put them in exact chronological order. Put them in there based on when they were released and you'll definitely go from oldest to newest and the storylines will all flow. Maybe you'd rather have the titles seperate, though.

8:54 AM

Blogger jamawalk said...

thats a completely logical and helpful solution.

but man. that could be a pain in the ass.

what if i pull a "High Fidelity" and put them in Autobiographical order.

huh? huh?

9:28 AM


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