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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Elongate Man is Dumb

Man. Elongated Man really sucks.

He always has, even back before DC decided to make an example of him and destroy his life along with most of the other JLI-era Justice Leaguers.

Back in the day, this blatant Plastic Man rip off, couldn't even get it together enough to have his own villains. Check it out, this is the image that DC is sending out as a solicit for the Elongated Man Showcase Edition:

Feh. He has to fall into a Flash trap. Why? Cause he sucks and no villain worth their salt would've bothered coming up with a trap for this lame-o.

Ralph drinks soda and gets stretchy powers. I drink soda all the time. I get hyper and I burp. Nothing super about that. He is supposedly a great detective, though. Don't forget that. Sure he didn't see his wife's murder coming... but still.


Oh, and I realize I promised a whole week of St. Patricks day blogs focusing on different Irish comic characters. But, as we Irish have learned long ago, life IS disappointment.

Sometime this week, though, imma check out one of my all time favorite films. It features two of what I would consider the coolest Irish characters ever created.

And no, I don't mean Back To the Future Part III.

No, imma watch "Miller's Crossing."

Leo: "The old man is still an artist with a Thompson."

Tom: "I never knew no one that made being a son of a bitch such a point of pride."

If you haven't seen it, netfilx that badboy and enjoy. I see something new that is totally bad-ass everytime I watch it (which is a few times a year). I'll be back after the weekend with what I noticed about it this year.


Blogger Diamondrock said...

Good to see I'm not the only one who prefers Plastic Man to Elongated Man.

I mean, c'mon. Not only is Plas funny, he's a guy who just up and decided to go from being a criminal to being a good guy for no discernable reason. That's just plain awesome.

5:21 PM

Blogger Phillip said...

Miller's Crossing is great! Did you know that it's loosely based on the Dashiell Hamett novels, Red Harvest and The Glass Key? Red Harvest also inspired the films Yojimbo and Last Man Standing. Enjoy the flick!

3:56 AM

Blogger jamawalk said...

The Coen's make no secret of their love of Hammett. Besides the obvious homages to his novel's in Miller's Crossing, the brothers also named their first movie, "Blood Simple" after a phrase he coined in "Red Harvest." to describe the addled, fearful mindset people are in after committing a murder.

The Big Lebowski is based on Raymond Chandler's "The Big Sleep" as well... if you're interested.

5:07 AM


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