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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jack Bauer Blows Up Evil Real Good

Last night Jack Bauer taught me that there isn't anything that cannot be accomplished by blowing some shit up.

Case in point: Nerve Gas. Blow that shit up, dude. Blow it straight to hell.

It was some hour for Jack. He blew up a natural gas factory, beat down three security guards, talked very tersely to most of his bosses and violently interrogated two women--one of whom he later made out with.

Sure, he still has to catch RoboCop, save LA and (probably) make nice with his stupid daughter. But, well, he's Jack Bauer. Its as good as done.

Jack Bauer is an unstoppable force for awesome.

So, for nostalgia purposes, and since last night was so kick ass, I re-present to you the only motivational poster you will ever need:


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