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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Man, The Machine, Streethawk.

There just aren't enough shows on TV nowadays about super vehicles and the people who drive them.

Back in the day there were tons of them. There was Airwolf, Blue Thunder, Knight Rider, and one of my favorites, STREETHAWK:

It was about this dude, Jesse Mach, who messed up his leg on a dirtbike, so he couldn't be a motorcycle cop anymore. Awwwww. But wait! the government fixed his leg and put him to work, undercover, driving an all terrain urban attack cycle codename: STREETHAWK!

So he would be a desk cop all day long and fake a limp, and then at night he'd hop on his superbike and fight crime and shoot missles at vans full of dickheads and shit like that. It was awesome. AWESOME!!!

The man, the machine... STREETHAWK!

if you're interested in more, there's an even longer clip here:



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