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Friday, March 03, 2006


Holy crap. You have got to see the English trailer for "Negadon: The Monster From Mars."

Now, the future of humanity rests with one man and his robot.

They just don't MAKE better tag lines than that.

From what i can figure, this Negadon thing (which is from Mars, and is also a monster) arrives on earth and starts wrecking shop in Japan. Now, i dunno why these terrible beasties ALWAYS hit Japan first, but lucky for us they do, cause this scientist guy just happens to be working on a huge robot fighting machine.

Then the two fight, I assume, for the remainder of the film.

God, this trailer is better than all of the Tom Cruise film "War of the Worlds." Caught a cold, my ass. They shoulda had to fight giant robots. Then we'd see some shit!Giant robot battles. Listen up Hollywood. Ain't a movie out there couldn't have been made better with the addition of a giant robot battle.



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