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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Penquins with Rockets

Ahhh, the Super Dictionary. Its like a regular dictionary, but "super". While a regular dictionary may define what an open door is, it takes a super dictionary to let you know how sinister that door could be.

Observe:Whoo boy. That's some plan, Oswald. Whaaaaaa-waaaa-waaaaaa.

I miss the old Penguin and his ridiculous plans. Think about it. Does Gotham city really need another mobster/importer type dude? And if so, does that chracter need to be theme-based like Pengy? I say bring back the ridiculous bird crimes, the silly capers, and above all the stupid umbrella traps. Whaaaaaa-waaaa-waaaaaa.

Speaking of being trapped:...and everyone was safe. Except for Robin, who was burned alive.


Blogger Jim said...

Is this wonderful resource for learning online?

2:22 PM

Blogger jamawalk said...

nah, i don't even own a copy, but i run into the occasional scan at that scans-daily-page-thing (whatever its called) and i pounce on them.

it should be online, though. it beats wikipedia.

2:26 PM

Anonymous erin! said...

well i'll be kinda penguinesque, with my umbrella-blade!!!! and new from the makers o' the umbrella-blade, the umbrella-wand. (imagine a nightstick, disguised as an umbrella) for those who want the safety o' a baseball bat, but smaller and easier to carry!!

2:36 PM

Blogger Max Robinson said...

...who the hell is dumb enough to hurt themselves on a slightly open door? Penguin's plan is pretty crappy.

5:43 PM


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