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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

According to CBR, Supergirl #5 has been sent back to press for a new printing.

Unfortunately, said new printing will still feature the same story, plot, dialogue, and art. This time, however, the cover will be all Mike Turner and no Ian Churchill. Which, to fans of looking at things drawn on paper, means: the quantity of the shit hasn't changed, the only difference now is that it will have all been shat from the same ass.

Never fear, though, all of the vomitus dreck you've come to expect from Chruchill is being lovingly reproduced within the interior pages. Children everywhere can rejoice! No one will be shut out from experiencing the full power of a 10 muscled abdomen, or the beauty of a 4 foot long ankle.

With a cover price of $3.99, its a huge value, as far as cretinous garbage goes. Unless of course you buy it at ToyWiz where this issue will list at 20 dollars, fifty cents, a bag of magic beans, and all of the fingernails on your right hand.

But hell, for Churchill art? Totally worth it.


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