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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Venom Understands Me

Seems everybody and their mammy is talking about Venom these days.

Prolly has something to do with that black and white shot from Spidey 3. The one with someone in a black spiderman costume squatting on a building.

Even I have been thinking "Venom" this week--Granted, I have a terrible cold, so I've been more scatterbrained than usual, and its just as logical that my mind would land on Venom as it would on, say, Shields and Darnell.

Look it up.

I even found myself on Wikipedia looking into the many incarnations of Venom and explanations of his power. There's even a frank discussion on the controversy surrounding his origin (I stopped reading when i hit those two magic words: John Byrne).

Among the other Venom crap I found around the net, though, this next pic was my favorite. It really sums up the character for me, and puts him in a context I can understand:Venom is a guy that'll say "Hoo-ha!"

I don't think its Brock, i think its they symbiote. It says things like "Hoo-Ha!" and "Kablamo!" and "Whiz-bang!" and to me, that's just awesome.

I say things like that all the time. And I am not an alien symbiotic costume. So, its kind of like we have something in common. Venom just gets me, man.

It gets me.

I'm sooo taking him next time we play HeroClix. Believe it. Last time, my team of Jonah Hex, Sgt Rock, The Question, Metamorpho and Lobo wrecked shop over everyone we faced. For real. But no one on my team said cool things like "Hoo-Ha."

HOO-HA, bitches!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you play Freedom Force? If not, you should. It's got a sweet modding community, and you can play Venom to your turkish delight..


2:57 PM

Blogger jamawalk said...

nah. i have a macintosh.

so i can't play fun games like that. or city of heroes.

i have to get my online gaming jollies by playing Halo2 on my roommate's xbox.

any one out there want to step to me, my gamer tag is:

Mister Immortal


5:07 AM


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