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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Year of Superman Homepage

Heads up, its the year of Superman and there's a website to prove it.

To me, every year is the year of Superman. When I tell people that, however, they normally look at me like I'm crazy. Or they avert their eyes. Or, if they happen to be Chinese, the correct me and tell me its the year of the Rat or Dog or whatever.

Now, while I can get behind how cool a concept "Year of the Monkey" is, it falls behind "Year of Superman" on my list (and right before "Talk Like a Pirate Day"). See, Superman has a trained monkey that flies. Superman fights giant talking monkeys that wear nothing but a bandoleer. Superman once WAS a monkey. But I digress.

All those assy people that don't like me telling them this year is the Year of Superman, are gonna have to get used to it now, cause this year actually IS officially The Year Of Superman..

For real. Seems with the new movie and all, the minds over at DC are pushing that stuff hard. If you head over to the new website, you can see what their plans are for the coming year.

The coolest part, for me anyway, was what they're calling the "Superman Franchise Trailer." In it, you get to see a pretty rad montage of (almost) all the Superman projects that are on DVD, set to the John Williams score. Its pretty cool. I got chills at the Luthor part, for some reason.

Oh, wait, I know the reason: I'm a HUGE NERD. But enough about me. Check out the site, will you?

The Year Of Superman Homepage

And, since you've been good, here's another shot of Monkey Superman:


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