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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Max Lord: Self-Deceptive

Current writers and Countdown apologists will tell you that whenever you see Maxwell Lord acting nice or trying to better himself and find his own moral compass, that he's just lying. He's fooling everyone. He's evil as hell and just working on a 10+ year plan that involves making him look like a dope in order to usurp the world power, no matter what the cost.

Like here for instance:Huh. What an evil lying dick. He even lies TO HIMSELF when he reflects back on his life. Weird, right?

God. Can they please stop ruining the characters I like by making them turn against their own characterizations and either go all evil or kill each other or whatever? I know he died a while back now, but i'm still bothered by the reckless usage of Max, Ted and Booster. Its not right. Shit. Even Dimitri is gone! Sure, he went out as a hero, but he totally didn't need to. There were Green Lanterns on the scene for chrissakes.

Couldn't Johns have killed Stargirl or another of his dumb inventions?


Oh, and don't forget, somehow Max went from being a cyborg back to being a human right before Countdown started, uh, counting down.

Have no fear, though, if you hate continuity as much as Dan Didio does, its easily erased:

We thought about that aspect of the story [where Maxwell was turned into a cyborg] some more," DiDio explained. "And then asked, 'Did anyone read it?' No. 'Did anyone like the idea?' No. So we moved ahead with Max as being a human, and having been a human, and not letting that small part of the past stand in the way of this story. We wanted what was best for Countdown, and for us, that meant that Max had to be a human."

I guess that means, then, that if some other writer in the next 10 years or so hates all of DiDios dumb-ass character modifications and junk, they can just change it back.



Blogger Diamondrock said...

Okay, we're usually on the same page.

But you did *not* just say that Courtney should be killed. That is *totally* not cool. Totally.

And Max Lord may not have been "evil" but he was *always* a dick.

5:11 AM

Blogger jamawalk said...

I'd rather have Blue Beatle, Max Lord, Dimitri and Booster (acting like Booster) then to have a whole TEAM of Courtneys.

Jack Knight should come back anyway.

9:02 AM


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