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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Spectre Has Dated, Lame, Facial Hair

DC solicits for July came out earlier this week and I went through them today.

Initially I was going to have a post full of snarky, underhanded swipes at Frank Miller. I would go on at length about how putting "Dark Knight Returns" and "Dark Knight Returns Some More" in the same volume is like putting a sandwich and dog poop in the same lunch-bag. I would then probably go on at length about how bad "All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder" is and how ridiculous the most recent cover (featuring Wonder Woman, I think, Its hard to tell with Miller these days).

Then I saw something that mystified me and took the snarkiness right out of my sails:The new Spectre has a goatee.

The hell? Its bad enough they pushed this dude who I had never heard of before (I don't read "Gotham Central," sue me) down our throats in "Infinite Crisis". Its bad enough he still wears silly little underpants beneath his cape.

But now? Now he has a goatee.

I just don't see how damned souls are going to take him seriously. I sure as hell am not. I thought this book would be a blip, soon to be cancelled and eventually written out of continuity all together. Now I'm SURE of it.

They could at least have given him a soul patch. It could even have been made out of real souls for all I care.

New Spectre is dumb.


Blogger Jim said...

If he didn't have the goatee, how would we know he was African American? Then he might just look like the Spectre.

Soul patch would've at least been clever/goofy.

3:55 PM


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