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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Superhero Science: Communicate With Fish

The New-Age Science Nerds over at ENKI have come up with what they call a "Fish Based Relaxation System."

The goal of their project is to induce a state of extreme relaxation through communication signals from electric fish. The project is based around "Brainwave Entrainment" in which the senses are presented with rhythmic stimuli that cause the brain to synchronize its electric cycles with the stimuli's rhythm. Instead of using pre-programmed chips like other Brainwave Entrainment systems, the ENKI project uses the electric organ discharge of Electric Fish, creating the "possibility of becoming one with the mind of nature."

That would explain why Aquaman is so calm all the time. Oh, wait. He's not.


Maybe he should try listening to the fish instead of just barking orders at them all the time. It might chill him out a bit. Get him to deal with the fact that his book sucks, has sucked and probably will always suck. As it was, so it shall suck. But its cool A.C. Relax. The fish want you to calm down. Chill out with some sea life and just let it go.

More Fishy Relaxation information can be found here. And, coming soon, we look at new lenses that imitate X-Ray vision. No really.


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