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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Birthday Wishes!

Hey fools. Today is May 6, 2006. Or, if you're into the whole brevity thing 06/06/06.

Six six six. The number of the beast. I'm sure metal fans and cult members are flipping out today, because 6/6/6 is supposed to be satan's birthday.

Happy birthday buddy. That's a cool pitchfork by the way. What's it for? Hay work? Stabbing? Its rad looking, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

At least I think its Satan's birthday. I heard also that it may be his baby's birthday. Like that movie that Dick Donner did well in the 70s and some hack has just remade (probably) badly just in time for the big day. In the movie, his son's main power, i think, is just being terribly creepy and looking all european and shit. But I remember Satan's son in a rad cape with dope boots:Still stickin' with the pitchfork though, huh buddy?

All the power of the underworld at your command and you carry a farming implement. What a dumbass. You deserve to marry a dummy in a cat suit. Really you do. I assume you wear a cape for protection from the elements or something like that, right? So why no shirt? Is it so we can see your hipster tattoo you dufas? Cause I'm over it. Get a t-shirt. Something.



Blogger Satan said...

Thank-you for the kind wishes, my child.

Merely say my words thrice daily and all that you desire will be yours for the asking.

Today of all days especially. 06-06-2006.



8:04 AM

Anonymous Birthday wishes said...

Fantastic blog! To bad you stopped posting.

11:50 AM


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