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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Unmasking the Dumb

Holy Crap! Spider-Man has been puny Peter Parker this whole time?!? I had no idea!Yuck. You know, if i was spending my days in that Iron Man armor thing, I wouldn't be able to wait to get it off either. What? He changed back for the press conference? Oh, well, then that makes it even more stupid.

Okay, so i'll admit it. I have not been reading Civil War. Why? Well, its by Marvel, and we all know that marvel is...well, you know. But the latest issue wrapped with one of those "shocking" moments that are so big, so overwhelming that even my parents hear about them. That is big. They knew when Superman died. They knew about the Spider Wedding. They knew about Electric Superman, and now I'm sure they'll have heard about this.

But here's what bothers me about the whole deal. Its an obvious stunt, right? That's a given. But I can't help thinking that its only a matter of time untill they fix it. I don't read Spidey books and haven't since the 80s, so I could care less what they do with the character, but come on. Does any one think for a second that this is gonna last?

The real annoying thing, though, is that everyone is claiming he's the first big superhero to go public ever. That is untrue for both companies. Flash did it waaaaaay back. Wally West won the lottery and told every one he was the Flash. It was great. And over in Spidey's backyard Captain America did it to stop a bunch of terrorists. He did it on live television. So Spidey is far from the first.

And now they have Cap on the side of those who don't want people to have to unmask? What the hell?!? I guess I could read all the issues and try to make heads or tails of it instead of relying on what my roommate and my girlfriend's brother tell me about the Civil War... Nah, I'm not going to do that. This is a Marvel book and as I'm sure to never forget:


Blogger Doctor Polaris said...

The fool! By revealing his identity I may more easily destroy him! And all his ilk!

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