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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fun with Daredevil

Hey kids, do you love Daredevil? No, not that Daredevil. The one who can see.

Which is too bad, because blindness is about that only thing that would explain his terrible, terrible costume.

Yeah. Only suckers are fair. Stab.

Its time for Daredevil's battle of the human shields! Whee!BANG! Well, that's one down. Eat boomarang, assy.

And last but not least:
A cougar riding a horse fighting a midget with a pitchfork. Fuck. Daredevil comics are no joke.


Anonymous tin369 said...

Very creative and entertaining blog. I am quite confused, is it ok for you to use daredevil as a title of your strip? It already exists.

12:07 AM

Blogger Phillip said...

Wow, tin369, how the hell did your train of thought arrive at that particular station?

12:37 AM


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