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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

1994: Earth's Civilization Is Cast In Ruins.

hey. remember that time in 1994 when the moon got destroyed and all the clouds got sucked off the earth by a meteor?


me neither. but i want a sun sword.

i'll need it if i'm gonna fight lizard monsters and shit.

its a shame this had to happen. it seems to me that a mere 7 years prior, in 1987, we sent up a space probe to look for precisely this sort of shit.

i wonder what happened to it:


oooh, thats a rockin' jam they played over the closing credits. makes me wanna...i think i have to... dance!



Its called getting down. Its a little before your time... if it frightens you.

How about the fact that he taught that guy how to do shitty seventies disco funk music (even though he calls it rock) simply by snapping his fingers and boogieing down in front of him. That guy got it on the second try, though.

In the future, there are no books for karaoke.

Beedy Beedy Beedy, indeed, Tiki.


Anonymous Juisarian said...

Ookla the Mok?

I vaguely remember a few episodes of this, I think they all featured Volkswagon Beetles in some form or another.

6:05 AM


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